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Our Services

Commercial and Residential

We understand the importance of selecting an experienced, dependable, and affordable company.  

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Foundation and Slab Grade

A slab-on-grade is a type of shallow foundation in which a concrete slab rests directly on the ground below it. 

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From remodeling, new buildings to repairs, we can do it all. We can help you install a light bulb.

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Cast-in-Place Structural Concrete

Cast-in-place concrete, also known as poured-in-place, is a concreting technique that is undertaken on-site.


Basement and Podium Decks

This is a concrete structure or similar deck over a non-critical area such as a car park; podium decks are ,

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Custom Patios and Pool Decks

Transform your home with a private outdoor retreat, a well-appointed, custom-designed patio just for you.

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Curb and Gutter

Curb and gutters are concrete, or asphalt structures used to collect surface runoff from paved streets, parking lots, 

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Decorative Concrete and Pavers

Pavers are multi-colored pieces of concrete, which are interlocked to form a durable surface for walkways, driveways and patios.

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Demolition Work

concrete demolition it is always done in house, with our own employees, and our equipment. Whether your project is indoors or out, 

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At LC&E, we stand by our work's excellence and provide clients with personalized attention based on their specific needs.

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Firepits, BBQ, Benches, etc

Have an idea for a new fire pit or to remodel the existing one? Or maybe a new pool or BBQ?  We offer professional and experienced help with ,

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Brick Walls

From basic installation to problematic repair to restorations, your project is always in good hands when you rely on LC&E. 

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